Say It Ain’t So

So that rascal Punxsutawney Phil predicts more winter weather. Not that it truly affects me, my parents moved from PA to sunny southern CA when I was just a wee toddler.

I’m staring at withered brown vegetation and a yellow lawn. At least the snow-bound (maybe) get something beautiful to cover up all the dead stuff.  Which brings its own set of problems, I know.  Ah well, the grass is always yellower greener…Our first daffodil of spring in 2005

I love spring. It’s my favorite time of year. A time of growth, renewal, love…and daffodils!

In expectation of spring, I created this gorgeous collection from some fabulous Etsy artisans.   The jewelry is beautiful and the vintage Dior is to die for.  I wish the shoes adorned with leaves were a pair I could actually wear on my feet.  And it’s all gloriously GREEN!

Click on the picture to be taken to the collection if you’ve a mind to get more information on these delightful finds.

Spring All Year Round

Etsy Treasury Collection - Spring All Year Round