Now I’ve done it…

My Kitchen Table

My kitchen table at any given moment

I’ve finally been able to scratch some time out of my schedule and start my blog! Everyone has lofty aspirations when starting out, but hopefully I’ll be able to stick with my goals.

My passions are crocheting, sewing, crafting, cooking, gardening, photography and reading.  My interests have led me to open my own boutique on Etsy.  But rather than that being the sole focus of my blog I want to share various aspects of my interests with you through not only my posts, but with photos, techniques, tutorials, recipes and patterns.

Of course, some family stuff will sneak in here and there.  First and foremost, I am a mommy!  I have two children whom I love dearly – even when they’ve driven me to my wits’ end.  My oldest son, Roo, is nearly four.  My youngest daughter, Boo, is now 18 months.  Their squeezes, hugs, and sticky little kisses bring such warmth to my heart and remind me that the small joys of life bring the greatest pleasure and contentment.

Needless to say, it can be a real challenge to find time for my business and myself.  Some days are tough and I so want to run away!  (Don’t we all feel that way on occasion?)  But my interests keep me sane – for the most part – <insert hysterical laughter here> and  after tucking my sweetie beans in at night I can turn my attention to working on my projects or vegging out with a good book.


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